Tuesday, December 28, 2010

10 Things I Learned About Myself This Year

1.  I can "take" alot silently and with a smile on my face.  I am stronger than I give myself credit for. I can bear great burdens.

2.  Having said #1, I've also learned that sometimes you just have to speak up!  And when you do, it won't be as devastating as you think.  People may even listen and take heed.

3.  I hate the signs of being 50, but I'm not yet motivated enough to do something about it!  I tell myself every day that I will get back to the gym.  I have really procrastinated about this.  I promise to do better in 2011.

4.  I have learned that just because my kids have grown and left the house, I worry about them NO less.

5.  I know that I know that I know that I want to work out of my home office and not go to a "job" anymore.  I mean no disrespect if any of my co-workers read this.  I have been going to work since I was 15 and I'm just "done" with that!

6.  Getting out with girlfriends, laughing til we can't even remember why we're laughing, crying together cause we miss our mom's...these things bring me back home filled up and content.

7.  I have now reached the age that if I see someone being unkind, I don't even check to see who's looking, I will jump into action.  My kids tease, "You better watch out or my Mom will put a boot in your a**".

8.  I've learned that many people trust in my advice and that's very sobering.

9.  I've decided that it's okay with me if people don't like me for who I am.  I'm no longer a people pleaser!  Although I'm still a people lover and I try, every day, to live a "there you are" vs "here I am" existence.

10.  I am restless.  I always get this way when God is about to lead me to embark on a new journey...very very restless.  It's like a knowing that something's coming my way, but not knowing what that something is.  I can't wait to find out!

What are some of the things that you have learned about yourself this past year that you will take with you into 2011?  Let me know!


  1. Yay! I am no longer a people pleaser either and it's very freeing. Wishing you a wonderful and blessed 2011.

  2. It's so very freeing, Lauri! It's the total opposite of how I've always lived!

  3. Love this - so YOU! And so precious.

    What I learned this year:

    1. There really is no such thing as work/life balance. You will always feel like you are pulling from one to pay the other. We are ALL just trying to do the best that we can.

    2. That it is worth it to continue to reinvest in longterm friendships.

    3. That sometimes whether it is a job, friend, situation, etc. it is better to break up and move on. Hanging on sucks the life out of you and isn't very pretty.

    4. You will never have time for God unless you make time for God.

    5. The journey matters!

  4. Erin, Like I have said before you are an amazing woman and I am proud to call you my friend.

    You inspire me each day with your awesome outlook on life..

    The main thing I have learned about myself is "don't rush time"...

    I love you and look forward to many laughs in 2011.

    Hugs, Amanda

  5. I have learned from many of my fellow photographers that there are people in this state that are loving and caring and have help me deal with don't worry about what people think about your looks be who you are and they will love you.. I am also learning I do have the willpower to loose this weight just needed a little extra support to keep me on track and my New Year Resolution is to be not as negative and take the good and the bad and make it a neutral for my own sanity... To work harder on my photography because photographing makes me happy and gives me peace just going out in the woods and just enjoying what God created for us to enjoy.. Some call me strange and that's ok with me I am who I am but I have a heart of gold and yes I have had MUCH pain in my life and have many health problems but I'm not going to let it take over my life anymore I am going to fight to keep going. Those days that aren't so good I'm going to be thankful that I have a greeat husband and awesome friends and fight thru the pain and smile.. Loosing weight is struggle but with friends like you I am positive that I'm going to fight the Battle of the Bulge even if it takes me more than a year but I will do it.. I have to and I love that I met such wonderful people as yourself.. I appreciate your friendly smiles and great wisdom, your a very Special woman Erin You bring happiness and joy to those around you.. Love you girl! Tons of Hugs , Helen

  6. Erin, I like you just the way you are! You're a special lady! Are all those girls in the photo yours?

    Learned about myself? Hmmm...I don't think that I've learned anything about myself that I didn't already know. At my age, I'd better know myself! LOL

  7. LOL, Lynn! These are some of my most precious friends in the world! I'm glad you are who you are, Lynn. You have so much wisdom to share! {{{HUGS}}}

  8. Helen, I have watched you blossom this year. It reminds me of one of my favorite sayings, "Life is not about finding yourself; it's about creating yourself." You are creating yourself fabulous!!! Love you!


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