About Me

Here's what you should know about me!

A ~ I tend to get Anxious if I don't take my worries to the Lord.
B ~ Even though I'm a brunette, I tend to have frequent Blond moments.
C ~ I'm always Curious about what's going on around me.
D ~ I'm a huge Dreamer.
E ~ I'm so Easy to pull a trick on.
F ~ I am Fearfully and wonderfully made!
G ~ I love to make Greeting cards.
H ~ I love wearing Hats.
I ~ I am taking Italian lessons.
J ~ I'm a sold out Jesus lover!
K ~ I'm a Kind person.
L ~ I'm madly in Love with my children and grandchildren.
M ~ I'm Married to a wonderful man.
N ~ I tend to be very Naive.
O ~ I'm Overly sensitive about my weight.
P ~ I'm a Photographer.
Q ~ I never Question people's motives.
R ~ I'm the Righteousness of God in Christ.
S ~ I am a crazy Steelers fan.
T ~ I'm Terrible at math.
U ~ My feet are Ugly.
V ~ I suffer from Vertigo.
W ~ I'm just plain Weird.
X ~ I got nothing here for "x".
Y ~ I love to work in the Yard.
Z ~ During the holidays, I want everyone at my house and for it to be like a Zoo.  I love it!

My story:
1. Revolves around the hubby, Rodney, and our 7 kids and our 7 grand-kids (soon to be 9).
2. All of the kids are out of the house so life is definitely calmer than it used to be (Now there's grand-kids chaos)
3. I love the Lord my God, with all my heart, with all my soul and all my might!
4. We have 2 dogs; a yorkie poo, a german shepherd.
5. I was raised in Pittsburgh, PA but I live in Florida now. I love living at the beach!
6. I’m still fanatical about the Steelers!
7. One of the things that has changed my life the most was losing my mother. I miss her everyday and am so grateful for what she instilled in me.
8. My dad and husband are my heroes!
9. I have 2 sisters and a brother. One sister lives 1,000 miles away which sucks.
10. We have 7 beautiful grandchildren.
11. One of my daughters and one of my sons live in Florida and I miss them so much, it hurts.
12. I work as the Director of Operations of a franchise system.
13. I love working with the community! Don’t call me a community organizer!
14. I love photography, writing, painting and gardening.
15. I have trouble sleeping.
16. My girlfriends mean the world to me.
17. Girlfriends, martinis, laughing on the front porch…some of the best times ever!
18. I love TV shows about renovating hourses.
19. My hubby & kids think that I am a big dork and I often catch them looking at each other and trying not to laugh at me…which makes me mad…which makes them laugh more!
20. I love making a big deal of the holidays for family and friends.
21. I love decorating my home.
22. I let my hubby do most of the cooking.
23. My favorite scene in a movie is the cemetery scene in Steel Magnolias.
24. I used to be a massage therapist in a dr.’s office.
25. I could eat salad every day.
26. I want to go to Italy and take pictures.
27. I love cruising.
28. I love growing herbs and cooking with them.
29. I'm madly, passionately, deeply in love with my husband!
30. But he makes me so mad sometimes! We are complete opposites…which can be good or it can be bad!
31. I’ve worked since I was 15 and can't wait to be able to stay home.
32. I am always very conscious of not hurting people with words…but I will tell you the truth (so kindly) if I think you need to hear it.
33. My pet peeve is people who are condescending.
34. I love affection.
35. I’m terrified of spiders…I literally freeze when I see one.
36. I love thunderstorms.
37. I love swimming.
38. I’m allergic to dust.
39. People confide in me.
40. I love to listen to my mom’s old LP’s on her old stereo.
41. I'm a nurturer.
42. I love to entertain.
43. I hate bowling...my husband loves it. 
44. People have a tendency to think I'm ditsy and it really frustrates me.
44. I don't have a uterus anymore.  That may be a little too personal but it was a huge deal for me.
45. I want lots more grandbabies! Numbers 8 & 9 are on the way!
46. I struggle with self confidence.
47. I'm very discerning.
48. I was born to be a grandma.
49. I'm terrible at math.
50. I love my life!

My hubby with grandbaby #6

My first and forever hero, DAD!!!

My brother & sister

My daughter, Chelsi

Granddaughter, RaeLyn

Granddaughter, Gentry Marie

2 daughters, 1 daughter in law and 2 granddaughters

My love!

My son, Stephen

The best daughter in law ever!

Mother in law with her great grandkids!

Some of my babies!

My daughter pregnant with grandbaby #7.

Beautiful daughter, Natali

Grandson, Able

First born son, another one of my heroes!


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