Thursday, July 1, 2010


This is an excerpt from the book 'God is No Fool' by Lois A Cheney.

"One morning I awoke with a desire I wanted to fulfill.  It concerned a way I wanted to be.
 This was a matter to lay before God.  This was a matter for prayer.  The desire was for a power and goodness, and I wanted the prayer to be right.  I would preface my request with an acknowledgment of my  unworthiness.  This wasn't false; I knew it, and God would accept it.
All day phrases and words came to me.  My special prayer took shape.  I would set aside a time.  I would approach him in truth.
In the evening I closed myself away from others.  I read from His word.  I reviewed the phrases and words of my very special prayer.
Before I got really settled down, I was flooded with the answer, and I was the way I wanted to be.
But I felt cheated...I had wanted that moment of communication with God.  Then I thought I heard something.   'I heard you this morning.'
I think I have a lot to learn about prayer." 

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