Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can't We All Just Get Along

I am not naive enough to think that we all can agree on everything.  Nor do I think we should.  I know that there are a diversity of opinions and beliefs on every subject imaginable from politics to religion to dog lovers vs cat lovers.  But there's got to be a way to bridge those differences enough to have civil discourse.  We don't have to compromise our beliefs to love people.

I was pondering this the other day when I was thinking about how much I love my best friend, Amy.  We are different in so many ways yet our hearts are connected like sisters.  Here are just a few of our differences.
1. She's a liberal and I'm a conservative.
2. She is 30 something and I am 51.
3. She has 1 child and I have 6.
4. I'm passionate about recycling and she couldn't care less.
5. I love gardening and she kills plants.
6. She's a cat lover and I'm a dog lover.
7. She doesn't eat meat and I could kill for a good steak.
It's not our differences that matter.  It's that we love to spend time together and we honor and respect who the other is.  We celebrate and learn from each other.  I will never compromise my beliefs but I will listen to others and admit when I don't understand something or when I have been wrong about something.  Being right doesn't trump being kind.  In these contentious times, everyone has their own opinions and ideas about how things should be done and that's just how it should be.  We should be able to express our differences and at the end of the day just be able to have a glass of wine together.  Oh wait...maybe I am that naive.

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