Monday, May 3, 2010

How Will They Hear?

There seems to be another novelty to video games that is drawing our kids further into the seduction of playing them.  My son is now able to somehow (I'm technically way behind the curve), connect with other players all over the world and play his video games live with them.  They wear headphones and talk to each other as they play and there is no protection as to who those people are or from any inappropriate communication that may occur.  This makes it even more vital for me to be vigilant of what he is doing and to keep informed on the latest trends that are so appealing to our young people.

We live in a society that constantly screams at our kids; from social networking to you tube to video games to music and movies. They are continually being barraged with the loud images and messages that society says are the norms and trends that our children are supposed to follow.  How will they ever hear the still small voice of God over the din of all that other noise and influence?  As parents, we must be that voice.  We have to say the words that the Holy Spirit would have them hear.  We can point them in a direction that reveals what God says about dating, family, divorce, sexuality and other issues.    Think how amazing it would be if we could help direct their first steps along a Godly path to start them off on the right step.

Of course our kids are going to make their own decisions and choices.  Of course they will have to learn from their mistakes and yes, they may choose paths that we don't agree with, but it is our parental responsibility to give them the option of knowing what the Word of God says about a subject so that they are equipped to make the best decisions for their lives.

Our teens are desperate for "relationship".  They are using facebook, myspace, twitter, you tube and now video games to satisfy and quench that desire for "relationship".  These are empty replacements for the desire for connection that they crave.  Families are changing and many kids are not being raised by their biological parents.  They are unsure as to where every relationship fits into their lives and they are craving to just connect with someone constant and trustworthy.

In a world full of brokenness and  dysfunction, we, as parents can be a safe harbor; showing our children where there is a beacon of light to guide them on their path.  I remember as a teen, my mother understood this concept so well.  I could talk to her about anything...and I mean anything.  She would never act shocked or disgusted or disappointed by any questions that I had.  She had a beautiful way of explaining things to me that always left me feeling settled and at peace.  She and I disagreed on some things but there was always a knowing that home was a safe place, a retreat and solid ground to regain my footing when I felt unsure.

Parents can be that steady solid "constant" that makes their kids feel safe and protected.  We can insist that they regularly turn off their computers, video games, ipods and tv's and spend some time with us, doing life together! 

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