Thursday, June 26, 2008

Something New

Today I did something new! I have wanted to get a tattoo for years, but my wonderful hubby was not a fan of ladies with tattoos. So, out of respect for him, I never got one.
My 21 year old daughter is visiting from Florida and she wanted me to get a matching tattoo with her. I talked to Rodney about it and he was totally ok with it. So, Abbie, my sister and I all went to the tattoo parlor. The artist custom drew a cluster of flowers that represented our family and tattooed them on the top of our feet.

I have to say that it hurt like 10 mothers!!!!!! But I felt such a bond with my daughter. I don't know how to explain it. As daughters grow up, they fight to become so independent and so separate from their mothers. So, for Abbie to want to put something on her body permantly, that was identical to me, I felt like we had moved from the mother/daughter relationship, to being friends. Finally, we can move past her tugging towards independence and towards her acknowledging that we are more alike than different.

Tomorrow she will probably go back to not wanting to hear my advice on men, school and life, but she will only have to look down at her tattoo and be reminded that I am only a thought away and we can talk about anything!
I love you, my sweet daughter, princess, friend!!!!!


  1. I love my girls!


  2. You ARE brave! LOL. It's cute tho.

  3. What an incredible bonding experience. Now, if I could only get my husband to agree to one . . . LOL


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