Sunday, June 29, 2008


I was out with my family for dinner last night and had a strange conversation with my daughter. In the very back corner of the restaurant sat a girl who was wearing sunglasses. I commented that it looked strange for her to be wearing her sunglasses inside. My daughter said, "Those are her hater blockers". "Hater blockers? What the heck are hater blockers", I asked. "Everyone has haters, Mom. When someone wears their sunglasses inside, people say they are wearing their hater blockers". I sat there completely perplexed and she informed me that I was a total dork.I thought about that conversation all night (which probably confirms that I am a total dork). I couldn't get the terms "haters" and "hater blockers" out of my head. I wondered who my "haters" might be and "What do I use as hater blockers"?

Then the worst thought of all struck me...does someone consider me their hater?Has someone built up a wall of protection against me and any hurt that I may cause them? Oh, that thought made me sick to my stomach. I can think of some people of whom I have very little regard; people who I have no respect for.

These people that I feel disdain they even care that I feel that way? Could I be a stumbling block to them? I never want to be a stumbling block to someone. I am never mean, but oh, can I be cold. I can completely act like someone is not even there and have a smile on my face the whole time. I think that is what I use as my hater blocker. I just tune my haters out, in turn, becoming a hater, myself! How shameful!

Do you have haters? Do you have hater blockers that you use? Are you someone's hater? Wow, deep thoughts from a conversation about sunglasses! I am going to make a conscious effort to take off my blockers and let my haters know that I will not "hate" them back. Afterall, it's easy to love the lovely. The glory comes in loving those who are not so easy to love!!!

From His lap,

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