Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Had a Thought

So I had this thought...what if life was not about looking out for number one? What if it isn't about making sure that everything works out perfectly for me, even at the expense of others? Recently I have had the ocassion to watch people arrange life and circumstances (regardless of other's feelings) so that they benefit and move ahead and others suffer.I don't have it in me to do that to anyone, but I think that we have raised an entire generation who think nothing of it. I hope that the days of being kind, compassionate and caring are not gone. Daily, I watch for random acts of kindness and unselfishness.  Jesus washed His disciples' feet while being King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He ate with prostitutes and tax collectors. He built His Kingdom on serving others, not Himself.  If my life can reflect that, then He will bless me and I will be successful at whatever I put my hand to.

My five oldest children are grown and out there in the world and I pray daily that they treat people with respect and kindess. I pray that they engage in simple decency and concern for other's welfare. If I have succeeded in this, I don't care if they become doctors or lawyers or indian chiefs. I will feel that they have become the people who I raised them to be.

If, at the end of my life, I can look back and know that I have walked along side of people and not tried to run out ahead of them and obliterate them to get to the finish line, then I will be at peace with who I have been.

From His lap,

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Thank you for giving us a little nugget of truth from your heart!


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