Saturday, February 2, 2008

What is Your Bliss?

What do you want from your one life? What could be written about your one shot here on earth? I want to create my life…to sculpt each day into a celebration of the gift we have been given. Do I always do that? Goodness no. I fall short…we all do. Yet I aspire to live a life of joy and bliss…a life of abundance as God intended for everyone. I do that by seeking out things that bring joy and finding ways to make them part of my life. Being a mom has been my joy. My passion has been watching my children grow, raising them, being witness to their lives and development. Helping to shape their world guiding them into being strong, caring, compassionate, loving and wise individuals is what really makes my life full. I hope that I have helped them to be people that know God, that know and trust themselves and follow their passions and callings. I want them to find their passion and to know that they can follow it. That is my children. What is your passion? Above all, follow your passion. Follow your bliss. Believe that God wants your greatest happiness. God calls us to use our talents and to trust. Have faith that the answers are there for you…listen and believe! May you be blessed!

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