Friday, August 31, 2007

Toxic Joy Suckers

Have you ever had to be around someone... friend, family member or co-worker, who is a toxic joy sucker? Recently, I have been forced to be in the presence of just such a person. It makes you wonder, who would choose to live such a miserable existance. I have tried to make a purposeful decision everyday, to bring light, joy and life into the situation. It seems as if the more I purpose in my heart, not to be sidelined by this person's negativity, the more it drags me down.
I have finally come to the conclusion that my joy is NOT dependant on this person's joy (or lack there of). I'm not going to let them steal my joy! I will continue to be kind and compassionate and if they don't receive it, then they will miss out on a blessing. Until the Lord releases me from this situation (and He will) I will let my light shine!
What if we are put in these situations to learn how to deal with those who are not so lovable? What if God intends for us to bump up against people who don't fit into our comfortable space in life? It's easy to love those who are's another thing to love the unlovely! Maybe His purpose in this situation is not so much for them, but for me to learn to walk in grace, patience, mercy, forgiveness and love. Whatever His purpose, I intend to walk it out and see it through to the glorious end. I don't know what that will look like, but I will sense complete peace and freedom when it's over!!!
God bless the joy suckers!!!!

From His Lap,

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  1. Don't let 'em suck your joy girl!



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