Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bless Her Heart Art Notecards

Jill Solomon
My beautiful friend, Jill Solomon, is an extraodinary artist and entrepreneur here in Oklahoma. She is a photographer, inspirational card designer and so much more! Her card line is one of my most favorite creations that she designs. Bless Her Heart Art is a line of cards designed mostly for women. They are inspiring, encouraging, and frame worthy! I'm going to show you a couple of them in the video below. As women, we like to encourage and bless our friends when they are going through difficult times or just need to know that we care.

Here are the rules of the Bless Her Heart Art giveaway!
1. Follow Jill on twitter @jsophototulsa
2. Follow me on twitter @ErinPatrick
3. RT the giveaway on twitter by tweeting this:  "Enter the Bless Her Heart Art Notecard Giveaway on @ErinPatrick blog"
4. 'Like' Bless Her Heart Art on facebook and leave a comment on which is your favorite card.
5. Follow this blog "My Nuggets of Truth" If you are already a follower, don't worry, it counts!

The winner must do all of the 5 items listed above. The giveaway will end on June 19th. I will put the names of everyone who completed the 5 steps together and randomly draw one. The winner will receive a set of 5 different cards from the Bless Her Heart Art website!


  1. I'd enjoy being a winner of your Note card #Giveaway.. I enjoy placing special hand written notes in Authentic Haven Brand customer orders this would be a fun share Annie

  2. All Done!!! These are wonderful!!! I love them!...

    Take Care

  3. All done here, too! Great cards! Thanks for the introduction and give-away! Blessings!


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