Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why Wait for Mercy?

As I was getting ready for church this morning, I kept hearing one word over and over, in my heart; Mercy.  I just kept hearing it, "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy".  What are you trying to tell me, Lord?  What is it you want me to know about Mercy?  I was putting my makeup on but I kept seeing a scenario play out in my mind that happened on Christmas Eve, just a month ago.

We were all together at my mother in law's house for Christmas Eve.  Our son in law was sitting with our precious little granddaughter on his lap.  She began to slap him in the face.  At first, he gently said, "Jaydee, don't hit me."  With each slap his voice got more stern.  Finally, she grabbed his cell phone and hit him hard on the bone just below his eye.  I could hear the crack as the phone slammed into the bone from where I was sitting across the room.  More than a look of pain, I could see on our son in law's face disappointment and frustration that little Jaydee wouldn't just listen and do what she was supposed to do.  At that point, he gave her a light tap on her bottom.  She immediately put her head on his shoulder in repentence and remorse.  Instantly, Travis' face softened and he hugged her right back and he was able to bestow Mercy on her.

I instantly knew what the Lord was trying to show me this morning.  When we act out and do things that are not right, He waits for and wants us to repent, show remorse and reach to Him for Mercy.  Travis couldn't show Jaydee mercy until she realized that she couldn't hurt her daddy anymore and she came to him for his love, forgiveness and Mercy.  He wanted to bestow it to her, but it was really up to Jaydee to accept it.

The Lord showed me this about Mercy because someone close to me is afraid to make their life right, because of their past.  She thinks that she has done so much wrong, that she can't be forgiven or shown mercy and move on with a clean slate and live the life she desires to live.  She just keeps striking out in anger and frustration.  God wanted me to use this example of Jaydee and Travis to show her that He is not withholding Mercy from her, but rather waiting for her to sit on His lap, put her head on His shoulder and let Him love on her.

Once I got ready and went to church this morning, with the word "Mercy" in my heart, I was not at all surprised to find that every song we sang was about God's Grace and Mercy.  How wonderful is that?  God gave me a word and then confirmed it with songs!  I wept tears of joy knowing that I would be able to share with my friend, something from the Lord that could change her life!

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