Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sweet Spots

I wanted to write about something really profound for my first post of 2010. I wanted to say something that might change someone's life forever. Then I remembered my whole purpose for this blog. I began writing it to let my children, family and friends know me a little more deeply; I wanted them to understand what makes me "tick" and what moves me. It seems that we get so busy in our day to day lives that we forget to talk about the things that motivate us and make us passionate.

In our first staff meeting of the year, my boss talked to us about making sure that we work on projects in the upcoming year that touch our "sweet spot". I am going to carry that thought over into my writing this year.   I'm going to write about those things that move me, make me laugh, make me cry. I want to write about the things that spur me into action. Those kinds of writings are the ones that I want to leave with my children when I have left this life.

Are you going to take the time out of your hectic schedule this year to talk about what really matters most to you? Are you going to let your loved ones see what really turns you on and drives you to take action? So, if my writings don't seem profound or earth shaking, or if they're not hitting your "sweet spot", just know that they move me and that's all that I am writing them for. Maybe they will spur you into action for what you are passionate about.

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  1. Good for you. One day your children will be grateful. Just as you and I both would have been had our mothers given us more insight into their inner being. There are so many things that, as I get older, I wish I could ask Mother. Your kids will have a place to some day come and possibly find some of those answers. Peace and Blessings to you, darlin. Can't wait to read more.


Thank you for giving us a little nugget of truth from your heart!


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