Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's There, In Him

This has been a rough week for many people who I know, friends and family. It seems to be a time when folks (including myself) are going through a tough season. As I have watched precious loved ones struggle to find some meaning, purpose and strength through their trials I have really pressed into the Lord for comfort.

One morning this week, as I was presenting to the Lord the list of things that I felt my friends and I need (peace, comfort, health, financial miracles) the Lord spoke to my heart and ministered to me in such a sweet way. I felt like I heard Him say, "Daughter, I don't have what you need. I AM what you need. If you would seek ME and not those things that you need, you would find them all, in my presence, in ME."

I thought, "But I pray. I read the Scriptures. I attend church." That is not the same thing as living in His very presence. Living there, in Him, He does not give me joy...He is my joy. He does not give me peace...He is my peace. He does not give me strength...He is my strength. You may say that is just mincing words, but there really is a difference. When I dwell in Him, day by day, minute by minute, I have what I need to take the next step. And that is all that I need.

When life gets rocky and sad and hurtful, I have to take my next step in Him and the next one and the next and the next. Purpose in your heart to stay there, in His presence so that with every step you take, you are aware of His being there with you.

This post is dedicated to our Praise and Worship leader and Associate Pastor, Eugene Gregory, who passed away this week. He touched thousands of lives and brought joy to many. He is with his Father now and I pray for his family to find strength, peace and comfort in Him.

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  1. Erin,
    What you have written here and other expressions in the past in your blog are from the heart of God. I am so happy in my heart that "you get it". Christianity is "Christ in you the hope of glory". So many are trying to obtain from God that they miss the purpose of the cross. Jesus looked down to eternity future and saw "you". You have really been gifted in putting down on the web the heart of God. I pray that your brother and sisters would come to the reality of their Savior's gift to us. Continue to allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you so you can continue to bless others.
    I love you,


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