Thursday, September 10, 2009

Harley's Fear

We have a beautiful German Shepherd named Harley. He is very large and imposing. When you come in our front door you have to walk upstairs to get to the main part of the house. Harley lays at the top of the stairs and watches out the front door, all day, everyday. If there is any sign of movement in the front yard or the street, his hair stands on end, he growls and barks and he tries to go through the front door. He thinks he's large, in charge and in control!

I don't know what he would do if he ever got out. He's never attacked anyone, but I sure wouldn't want to try to find out. If my husband or sons pretend to be rough with me, he jumps on them, puts his mouth around their wrists and pulls them away from me.

I said all of that to say this. You would think that Harley is a very brave, tough, ferocious dog with no fears. And you would be very wrong. At the first sign of a cloud in the sky, he turns into a mass of quivering fur. He cries, gets glassy eyed and his whole body begins to tremble. It looks like he's having a seizure. It is so heartbreaking to watch because you can't comfort or console him. He doesn't even hear me talking to him. He will not allow me to hold him or calm his fears. You see, he's terrified of storms.

So many times, as I have watched this scene play out, I have wondered if that's how we look to God. We act so tough, independent and in control...just like Harley. But the minute storms come, many people crumble. We panic, question God, get mad and become paralyzed with fear. I wonder if He tries to hold us, comfort us and help us to feel safe and we just tune him out; like Harley when I try to comfort him.

When Harley gets in one of these terrors, I long to be there for him and to take care of him, but he won't let me. It doesn't make sense, but I think we're like that with God too. He longs to be our strength and our comfort and our peace. Somehow, we don't see Him, hear Him or feel His soothing touch.

If you think about it, that just seems so silly; not to allow the Creator to be there for us, when that's all He wants to do. The next time that you begin to feel fear or doubt or worry, try looking to the Master for comfort and solace. Allow Him to take you in His arms and hold you until you stop shaking. That's what I'm going to do!

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  1. You believe God created the universe and everything in it, including you and all that happens to you, including life's storms, right? If you believe that, then wouldn't it make for a pretty cruel God who would set you up with a tragedy so you would turn to him for solace and comfort?

    I see it differently. God is not actively creating good and bad things that happen. They just happen. Our response is to do our best given the storm in front of us. We get our solace from our family, friends, helpers, strangers, and our ideas about God and the universe.
    We are comforted because we believe a particular thing in our brains. We believe that we will have eternal life. Or we believe that God will keep us safe. Or we believe that all will be well no matter what happens to us individually.

    Many people who believe in God panic and freak out and get angry when tragedy strikes. Why? Because their idea of God was flawed and the flaw just showed up. They believed God cared about them, and loved them, and was protecting them. Then their son dies on a car wreck, or their best friend dies going into a tall tower 8 years ago, or they get cancer at age 22.

    So, what then? Isn't it more morally responsible, based on the evidence, to believe that God is not actively protecting you or hurting you. God is just letting what happens happen. He is neutral.

    It is nice to believe God cares, but where is the evidence?


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