Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This morning I watched the news as I got ready for work. I was struck by the running theme of "greatness" in every story. The reporters gushed on and on about music stars, movie stars, authors, sports figures and other well known celebrities. Whether they were doing it intentionally or not, they were bombarding us with stories of greatness abounding in the lives of the people who we follow in the media. I heard myself say out loud, "Blah, blah, blah".
We wonder why so many people aspire to be great like the people that Hollywood tells us we should emulate, instead of trying to be like the everyday heroes in our lives. I know you've heard it before...look at the people around you and follow their lead. But really...think about it.
As I was listening to these "news" stories, I thought about my husband. Now there is greatness! He will never be famous; he'll never star in a movie, hit a grand slam in the majors, score touchdowns in the NFL, or even record a music video. I know he'll never write a book, because he doesn't even like reading one! No, in your eyes, he will probably never be great.
We have been together for 15 years and I can honestly say that he does something everyday to show me how much he loves me. He cooks more often than I do. He does laundry, takes care of the yard and 3 dogs, and will do housework if I pout. I have watched him raise my daughter as if she was his own. His eyes fill up with tears when he talks about how much he loves her. Every week, he does something special with the only one of our 6 children who remains at home. That, my friends, is greatness.
He doesn't pull down an amazing 6 figure income. In fact, he has to go out of town a couple of days every week for his job and he never complains. He just does what he has to do for his family. That, my friends, is greatness.
I have to be careful about telling him that I like something, because he will do whatever he can to make it happen for me. I told him once that I love cobblestone paths, so that same weekend he made one for me in the backyard. I have countless examples of things like that, that he has done for me. I suffer from insomnia and every night he rubs my head until I fall asleep. That, my friends, is greatness.
Don't get me wrong, life isn't perfect. He and I are complete opposites and we make each other quite crazy sometimes. I am a refined, you know the type, ballet and symphony type of girl. He is a rough and tumble, cigar smoking, beer drinking, outdoors kind of guy. He has learned how to make hoity toity martinis and will even go to the ballet. All he asks in return is that I go camping, boating or keep him company when he works on the cars every once in a while. He is the handyman for all of my single girlfriends. They call him "Diego, the Cabana Boy". That, my friends, is greatness.
I would far rather my sons be like this man than like somebody who has achieved "greatness" in the world's eyes. If they aspire to love their wives and children with the same passion, integrity and devotion as he does , then they will achieve greatness.
I adore him with everything in my being. Honey, you are great!!


  1. Americans are spoiled and vain. Priorities are screwed up Big-Time

  2. After 17 years I have a husband I'd die for and he for me. He's my soul mate and because of that I neither care nor listen to anyone else's opinion on him.

    Greatness is total strangers sharing a friendship on Twitter too. Isn't it great to know there are people out there who really care even if they know little about you?

    Erin - you're greatness in a nutshell!

  3. Lorraine, you are such an encourager! I love to hear from you, my dear twitter friend! I'm so glad you care about me. I count in an honor!
    Love you!

  4. wonderful blog :) I am so happy for the both of you :)

  5. Thank you, Nicole! It's a lot of hard work...marriage...but it's worth it!


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