Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Seasons

Have you ever noticed that you go through definable seasons in your life? Times where you just know that something is ending, and something new is about to start? I have gone through different journeys in my life that were completely unexpected, but they were lead by something, Someone bigger than me and were completely out of my control. Sometimes, I knew where I was headed, but most of the time, where I was going was unchartered territory for me. Those are the times that I know that I know that I know...God was in control, in the driver's seat. I was joining in on some greater thing that He was driving and working.

While I was in church this morning, I recognized that familiar feeling, that things in my life are shifting, about to change again. You see, it's happened enough times in my life, that I know when a shift is coming. It might sound scary, but really, it's quite exciting! To know that something...Someone outside of yourself...Someone who loves you completely, who knows every fiber of your charting a new path for you, is exhilarating. It doesn't have to mean a big career change, though sometimes it does. But it just may mean a change in the way we respond to others or the way we perform our jobs, or the way we parent or behave as a spouse. We might befriend people who we would otherwise not give the time of day.

I don't mean to say that every step of our lives is predestined and that we better find THAT ONE WAY and walk in it. I'm saying that the Living God who created us and knows every hair on our heads, has works going on all around us that, if we so choose, we can walk into and be a part of something greater than ourselves. We can be an instrument of a bigger picture than just our little world.

As we encounter the Living God and catch glimpses of Him, we are changed, we are dazzled. And that very change in us should have an effect on the world around us. We look different, we act different, we treat people differently when we have seen Him. I saw Him this morning and it changed me, yet again. I felt myself moving into a new place in Him, in my world, in my life. I caught a glimpse of Him and I was dazzled, smitten! I can't wait to see where this new path will take me! I know that I will encounter people and situations that normally I wouldn't be equipped to deal with, but the effect of His presence will be all the equipping that I need!


  1. Hi Erin,
    Yes, I relate especially to the next to the last paragraph. Wouldn't the Lord be blessed if all of His children would follow His lead with full abondon, trusting completley in where He leads us?
    I enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks for sharing!
    Susan Branz

  2. Erin I have had 3 major life changes in my life the past 4 months; all
    except one good. I totally believe God has a plan for each and every
    one of us and though we might not understand some of the things he throws
    our way....we still have to let him be in the driver's seat. Thank you for this
    I needed this today. Very rough week for me last week. I miss him do much.
    Love you sister! Thanks for being there!


  3. How interesting! I don't think I've ever thought about the seasons of life like this, but it's so true. God is so good to lead us into the right direction for us, all the time, regardless of if we go willingly or kicking and screaming!!
    Love you, Jenn

  4. Erin,
    You are such an inspiration to me an such a sweet and loving person. God Bless you and your family!
    love you!
    your sister in christ


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