Wednesday, April 15, 2009

God At Work

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of God, hard at work. I will tell you where I saw Him, in just a minute. My pastor says that God likes to play Hide and Seek with us. Actually, there are numerous Scriptures regarding our seeking Him. He loves to be sought and to be found. So as I go about my day, I look for Him, and I always seem to find Him in places that I don't expect.

I grew up being involved in the church world. In that church world we are taught that when we go into a situation or place, we are bringing light and life and the very presence of God on the scene. That is true. But sometimes, when we get there He is already present and at work. I don't think we take much time to stop and think that when we go into that situation or place, others who are there, are also bringing the light, and life and presence of God.

What if, when we approach someone, instead of thinking, "Here I am to save the day", we think, "What is God doing in this person? Is God doing a work here that I might want to join in on?" I guarantee that if we begin to look for Him, we will see His mighty works in progess and we just might find our place, our passion or our life's work! We may just stumble right into finding a place to join Him and others on His handiwork.

Now, back to where I saw Him working yesterday. I watched the Youtube video of Susan Boyle, on Britain's Got Talent. I observed an awkward, out of place, frumpy middle-aged woman take to the stage only to have the audience laugh and scoff at her and treat her horribly. What I saw next was incredible. Susan Boyle didn't let their jeers shake her confidence. She opened her mouth and with a quiet grace and assurance of what God had put in her, she began to sing. And sing, she did. And I saw God's handiwork in action in a most unlikely place.

People rose to their feet, their jeers turning to thunderous applause. How could someone who looked like this, sing like that? They were not laughing anymore. One of the judges actually said that they all learned a most important lesson. Susan knew what she had in her and she shared it with the world so that we could all catch a glimpse of God at work.

Are you looking for Him? Where will you see him today? Will it be in a homeless person laying on the sidewalk? Will it be in a mother comforting her crying baby? Will it be in the hug of a loved one? You never know when you will stumble across Him, already at work in a place that you didn't know He would be. I challenge you to play Hide and Seek with Him.

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