Friday, December 8, 2006


So I was sitting at my birthday party at Joe's Crab Shack last Saturday, surrounded by my dearest friends. As I looked around the table, it was hard not to well up with tears. I've had a tough "run" with my mom passing away, my husband working out of state, my daughter graduating and moving out of state, my best friend moving out of state. So, as I looked around the table that night, I thought about how each of those friends stepped in and made what could have been a very lonely time for me, a rich, warm and wonderful time!

I see my life as a tapestry. Each person in my life is a thread that runs through the tapestry of "ME". My relationship with you is what makes me who I am. Each person is a different color thread, that when put with all of the other colors in my tapestry, makes a wonderful picture. So you see, each one is essential to make the tapestry complete.

This is what I saw as I looked around the table:

Rodney - My dear sweet husband who is back!!! You are my hero and my love! And you're hot too!

Lori - my diva "sister" who I love to go to the flea markets with. We love wine and laughing...very loudly!

Chuck & Angela - my brother & sister-in-laws who I admire as I watch them raise their 5 daughters.

Jennifer - sweet, sweet Jenn got me through life at the mayor's office. We talk about the Lord, our husbands and anything sweet!

Karen - or "Kareness" had confidence in me to do a job that I didn't know if I was capable of doing. She instilled that confidence in me!!!

Caleb - made me laugh everyday at work.

Stacey Sue - He just uses me to meet women!!! All my friends are so cute that he has to meet them all! He would do anything for me!

Coleen - my sweet "sister" who has a heart of gold. Her gift is loving people and making them feel special.

Darrin - Papa - big teddy bear who I love!!!

Dr. Dan Danner - best vet in town. He took Morgan on rides at the fair while Rodney was gone! Rides make me sick, you see...but I found out that they make Dr. Dan sick too.

Kelly & Christopher - my sister & brother-in-law. Kelly makes sure to call me everyday since our mom died! I don't think she knows how much that means to me...maybe I should tell her.

Gary & Candee - my brother & sister-in-law. Love, love love them!

Gretchen, Mary, Sarah - my B'Jolie sisters. Oh my gosh, they make me laugh and they throw the best parties. Hanging at Gretchen's pool this summer saved Morgan & I.

Kristi & Lee - I haven't known them long, but they are the kind of folks that you feel like you've known forever! They drove to Tulsa from OKC in the worst storm ever to be at my b'day party. How awesome is that?!

Erin - my wine drinking, texting, laughing, crying "sister"! I can't say enough about how much I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jimma - beautiful, sweet Jimma! She is my nurturing "sister" who always sends an email, or text with just the right thing that I need at the time. She likes beer! Hee hee!

Mark - I love Mark! It's husband and Jimma know I love him. He wants people to think he's this big tough guy, but I know...he's a softy!

Angie - is my new friend who wants people to think that she's tough too...but I know better. And she's full of great advice!

Keith - my son's wrestling coach. He was always there as a strong male role model for Morgan while Rodney was gone. I'm so grateful for that!

Amy - Last but not least!!!!!! What would I have done without her? I can't imagine! We were together every night for months at wrestling practice. She was my rock. She loves life and isn't afraid to show it. She makes me laugh! Last night, we sat on Santa's lap! There are pics on my profile to prove it! I love you Miss Amy!!!! You're my best friend!

There are so many wonderful threads in my tapestry and I'm grateful! Thank you for being a part of me!

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